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  Judge A Cachalia and the NLB - 14 October 2011  
  Some points to note. The Judge found that R6 billion was unallocated and unspent, that rulings of the DA’s have been unreasonable, and have to be explained. He said that the NLB has not fully understood, nor fulfilled, their mandate. The funds do not belong to them – it is their job to distribute it efficiently!

Let’s hope that the current management remedies the situation, and facilitates the legislative changes we have recommended.
Download the Supreme Court Judgment PDF
  Update 13 June 2011  

Greetings All, Please start to harass/inform members of parliament of the importance of fixing the National Lottery Fund’s processes, leakages etc. Short notes to individuals, party whips etc etc will help force DTI to give this some attention and to do a better job of revising the Act which comes up for review in parliament soon. The changes will not go far enough if we do not push things. Also please continue to distribute to relevant parts of your network.

  The Campaign has Growing Support  

The campaign has growing support and has achieved excellent visibility with the front page article in the Sunday Times and Carte Blanche topping the list. These contributed to a greater preparedness on the part of individuals and organisations to “take a public stand” as opposed to telling their stories “off the record”. Thanks to Susan Puren, Bongani and their team at CB as well as to Werner Swart and his editor at the Sunday Times.

  Media Statement – 14 April 2011  
Issued by Prof Alfred Nevhutanda – Chairperson of the National Lotteries Board

Response from the National Lotteries Board to the Funding Practice Alliance research report
The National Lotteries Board (NLB) acknowledges the recent research report, “Meeting their Mandates?”, compiled by the Funding Practice Alliance (FPA). The NLB welcomes reports of this nature as they enable it to assess its processes and continue to improve its service delivery.
  One Minute Video  

We have started a campaign in support of the SA Lottery Open Letter

Want to participate?

  • Share this video with all your contacts
  • If you are in touch with anybody well known in the public space (actors, singers, social activists etc.) available to support this campaign, invite them to our page.
  • Make your own video showing your support. Post a one minute clip on our Facebook page. We are trying to keep the messages positive and solution driven.
Our first video contribution comes from Neo Muyanga, a well respected South African composer, musician, curator. For more information visit his website
  First letter - 18 March 2011

Minister Rob Davies
Department of Trade and Industries

I am deeply concerned – or more accurately, sick, tired and angry – about the failure of the National Lotteries Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF) and the National Lotteries Board (NLB) to live up to their mandate. Multiple organisations, vital to the social fabric of South Africa, have been weakened, or suffered complete collapse. It is true that Government cannot, and should not, be responsible for the survival of individuals and vulnerable groups, the enrichment of community through the arts, or the chaos of thought and practice that results in new ways to develop and govern our world – this is the job of NGO’s, charities and think tanks. Government’s job is to build and protect the environment in which these organisations work. The NLDTF was established, in part, to do that. However the inefficiencies of the NLDTF militate against success. It would be simplistic to blame management and staff for all the weaknesses – though inordinate delays and lost documents make this tempting, and many people do. There are, however, structural and design weaknesses which add to the problems: for example, the Distributing Agencies (DA’s) are staffed by part-timers, which makes delays in their processes a certainty.

  Second letter - 17 April 2011

THE LOTTERY FUND - Towards a solution

Minister Rob Davies
Department of Trade and Industries

I propose three achievable and pragmatic goals for the governance and management of the National Lotteries Distribution Trust Fund. First, and most important, the efficiency of SARS. Second, complete transparency of process and result. And third client -based evaluation of the performance of the fund and defined members of staff.

In reverse order: Why client-based and who are they? The clients comprise all who apply for funding from the Lotteries whether they receive any or not. This primarily to re-set the balance of power – it is our money, managed on our behalf, and the staff of the NLB have the job of delivering on a mandate from central government to a defined subset of the people. When they don’t deliver, who better to report to Parliament than ourselves? To achieve this, we need a system that can be evaluated – not the murky and turgid operation which currently exists. Also, when one’s job is on the line, people treat those who evaluate their performance with greater respect.